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Wall Coating

The days of traditional masonry wall paints are over. Gone are the days of flaking and peeling paint; it's a common problem many of us face that's not only an expensive hassle to continually repaint, but can cause lasting damage to your house. It's time to stop painting your home, and to instead Evercoat your home.

As approved Andura wall coating providers, our trained and experienced team won't just turn up with a ladder and a paintbrush. Instead, our process is an in-depth proven procedure which ensures all your walls are correctly prepared, repaired and coated, all in a timeframe and cost that will leave a smile on your face. You'll soon see why Evercoat signs are such a common sight around the streets of South Wales.

Our Andura wall coatings are not available in stores, and are proven to the highest standards including the BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the British Board of Agrément (BBA). Available in a wide range of colours, the wall coatings provide ultimate lasting power, while withstanding all weathers. All of this means you can spend less time up a ladder, and more time enjoying your home.


Outlasts all masonry paints Will not chip, flake or peel No need to repaint Lasts more than 30 years
Available in a huge range of colours Comes with guarantee Applied by Andura accredited professionals BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited
Waterproof capabilities protect your home Can improve house value British Board of Agrément (BBA) Approval Looks great


Preparation Stage 1

Biocide all walls then pressure blast

Preparation Stage 2

We mask all windows & doors and protect all floors with sheeting. Our wall coatings belong on the walls only.

Repair Stage 1

A finish is only as good as what's underneath. That's why we rake out all cracks, remove perished plaster and re-plaster with flexible mortar to ensure our job is a lasting job.

Repair Stage 2

Application of bagging repair coats where required to ensure the best final finish, ultimate protection and perfect adhesion.

Application Stage 1

Apply Pro-flex primer coat to all walls; an industry leading primer for top results.

Application Stage 2

Apply Andura top coat to all walls in the colour chosen by the customer.

Application Stage 3

Apply two coats to cills and plinths in a chosen colour to add that touch of class.

We’ll beat any like-for-like quote.