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Roof Coating

Our roofs have to put up with a lot, particularly here in Britain. It's therefore no surprise that for many homeowners our roofs can become a problem due to water ingress, colour fading or bio-infestation such as algae and lichen. That's why we offer a full roof-coating service to protect your home from the elements from the top down, and have it looking great too.

The magic begins even before our wall coatings go on, with a complete high-pressure bio-wash to remove all growth and contaminants. Your roof will look revitalised even at this stage! After any repairs are done to ensure a solid roof and that no water ingress will occur down the line, we'll begin with the roof coating. You'll have a choose of colours, all from our industry-leading Andura range of roof coatings (not available in stores), which are professionally applied. Your roof will have never looked better.

When combined with our wall coating service, Evercoat can provide a single solution to protecting your entire home and have it looking like never before.


Outlasts all masonry paints Will not chip, flake or peel No need to repaint Lasts more than 30 years
Available in a huge range of colours Comes with guarantee Applied by Andura accredited professionals BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited
Waterproof capabilities protect your home Can improve house value British Board of Agrément (BBA) Approval Looks great



  • Erect equipment where required
  • Clear site/gardens
  • Cover grounds with tarpaulins
  • Biocide all roof
  • Pressure blast all roof


  • Change all broken cracked tiles
  • Cement where required to all roof ridges, roof verges valleys & chimneys
  • Clean up and dispose of debris


  • Apply first coat of Roofguard
  • Apply second coat of Roofguard
We’ll beat any like-for-like quote.